Aerial Photography:

The simplest way to get a quick overview of a property and the surrounding landscape is through aerial photography.

At The Denver Creative Group, we use a high-tech drone to capture these awesome shots. Drones are fun gadgets that a lot of people have for recreational purposes, but more and more they have business applications. Drone photography and videography is becoming increasingly popular among real estate professionals as a marketing tool. We offer aerial real estate photography in the Front Range as a way to get a broader perspective on a listing. Aerial photography provides breathtaking views of any piece of real estate.

We follow all laws and guidelines with our drone photography so you don’t have to worry about navigating it yourself. You can take your marketing to the next level with this addition to your arsenal. Aerial photography gives potential buyers the best idea and overview of the property they want to purchase. They can see the landscape, which is very important when you purchase a home near the Front Range considering many properties sell based on views of mountains, trees, hills, trails and the local geography near the property. In addition to landscape, still footage of the front exterior and a twilight image gives you a complete picture of how a property settles into its surroundings. If you offer aerial photography for your property’s listing, it sets you apart from your competitors. When you need aerial shots or real estate photography in Denver, choose The Denver Creative Group. We have the experience and technological know-how you need to impress potential buyers.

The Denver Creative Group is pleased to provide aerial drone photography provided by a FAA certified and insured drone flyers. With safety always in mind, you can rest assured that your aerial images will be captured by a professional. Drone operations are bound to weather and possible restricted flight areas. If a FAA waiver is needed for certain flight operation, please provide up to 9 weeks to obtain the needed authorizations. Aerial images are available as an add-on service or individual service to a photography and/or video package.