PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY MAKES THE DIFFERENCE There’s a lot that goes into selling a property, but few steps are more important than presenting a listing with beautiful, inviting pictures. And while your smartphone offers some decent features, you’re missing out on capturing size, correct light and detail of each room or breathtaking amenities by not utilizing DPJ-Photography. Our photographs capture the right angle, at the right light and the perfect definition, ensuring your photos give you both a leg up on the competition and a direct line to a customers’ desires to purchase. 8 seconds! 8 seconds is the time needed for a potential client to decide if they want to continue see your listing, or just move on. 8 seconds to make that impression you need, to make that client call you. We realize there are many people with a camera out there.The question is, are they really showing you the property that will make you sell faster? The market has been saturated with companies selling you something like 'HDR', 'Clear view' and other exotic names. What they are really selling you is false marketing, mediocre results and lack of consistency in imaging, while the images are automatically processed overnight by a computer in India. DPJ-Photography believes that every client deserves an imaging company that is there to serve you. With advise, perfect timing and most of all, the quality that makes your client stay longer than 8 seconds. At the Denver Creative Group, we use manually blended HDR techniques, flash and strobe lighting to achieve an image that can capture your client's attention with true colors, sharp images and enhanced with the latest technology. Quality is our priority!