Twilight shots are the eye candy of Real estate photography. Created at a very specific time, creating an almost magical effect.

We know that you are working hard to get to listings and referrals. Colorado has some glorious sunsets and sunrises, why not make use of those beautiful nights to create a stunning image that sets you apart from the competition? This is one of those tools that helps you sell listings, but also win the next, as you are going beyond what the others are doing. Twilight shots are the taken just after sunset, with multi frame HDR and/or even strobe lights to capture the full spectrum of light that is available for that short moment, to create that inviting and luxury look. Twilight Images are an add-on service to a photography package. Beside HDR and twilight photos taken with flash/strobe lights, The Denver Creative Group also offers Virtual twilight photos. Virtual twilight photos are daylight photos edited to mimic a natural twilight.