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How to Elevate Your Real Estate Branding with the Right Photos

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How to Amplify Your Real Estate Branding in Boulder

At its core, real estate branding is the marketing practice of shaping your brand and can include everything from colors, logos, taglines, and how you communicate with potential clients. Real estate agents need to spend so much time nurturing their network and selling homes it’s easy to let growth strategies fall to the wayside. Before you invest more time or resources into advertising your listings or business, make sure your real estate branding is working for you.

Real estate branding in Boulder and beyond is a process that can feel a little daunting and elusive when it’s not something you can reach out and touch for yourself. You can get started by focusing on areas like colors, fonts, and nailing your real estate photography. Once some of your visual elements are in place, it’s time to help your real estate branding take shape with some of the following methods.


Create an Online Presence

Your real estate business is more than just listings on the MLS and embodies your website, social media, online ads, and everything that appears online. The National Homebuying Survey found that 97% of homebuyers used the internet in their home search, making your online presence more important than ever.

Successful agents use real estate branding in all of their listings, while others may take a tiered marketing approach. Both techniques can work, but taking a more comprehensive, consistent action helps you build your brand over the long haul to secure future sales. Of course, real estate photography is essential to all of your listings. However, choosing high-quality photos with different angles like drone, aerial, and neighborhood images can make or break your listings and mean the difference between sluggish sales and multiple offers. 


Establish a Niche that Translates Visually

You’ve probably heard the cardinal rule about niching down to establish a successful real estate business. When potential clients see your website or listings, will they realize what your niche even is? If the answer is no, real estate branding with plenty of photos  that translates visually could help amplify your success.

Make sure your images reflect your clientele, types of homes you sell, neighborhood images, and targeted copy. Include language and keywords that identify what you offer and who you serve. When all of your real estate branding works together, clients already know what you offer and why you’re uniquely suited to serve them.


Real estate photography Golden Colorado



Develop a Content Marketing Strategy that Sells

Content marketing goes beyond your listings and also includes your real estate blog, website content, social media presence, and videos you create. The goal is to create a strategy to engage, inform, and entice an audience to learn more or convert to clients. The benefits of focusing on your content could include increased sales, an influx of targeted customers, and the ability to spend less on your marketing efforts.

Keep in mind that poor real estate photos or videos could damage your communication to clients and how others perceive your business. It’s challenging to consider a realtor as credible when their pictures and other marketing assets don’t reflect the level of professionalism they expect.


Build Social Proof and Trust

Credibility is everything when it comes to building your real estate business, especially to new homeowners. Investing hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in a home requires a level of trust between realtor and client. Quality photographs help build your real estate branding, and the “know, like, and trust factor” that helps clients understand who you are, put a name with a face, what you offer, a sense of your personality, and the quality of your listings. Your listing photos are also representative of you. When homebuyers only have listing photos to go from before calling up a realtor, those images are a direct reflection of how they view you and your business.


Uplevel Your Listings

You may already use top-notch real estate photography in your listings, but do they leave a lasting impression? Elevate your real estate branding in Boulder with drone and aerial photos that create a feeling of awe about your listing. Let clients imagine what it’s like to live on the entire property and the views surrounding the home while increasing your odds of a fast sale at the same time. Research shows that houses with aerial footage and photographs sell 68% faster than those without. 


Change the Game in Social Media

Leveraging social media is a goldmine for realtors looking to connect with warm leads. According to the National Association of Realtors, 77% of realtors actively use social media for marketing their listings and business, and 44% receive their highest-quality leads from social media marketing.

Make sure your social media presence reflects your real estate branding in Boulder with your colors, logos, and communication style as consistent as possible. Adding posts with fabulous real estate photography and success stories from clients also help elevate your brand and keep you on the top of people’s minds.


Real estate photography Golden Colorado


Set Expectations

Managing client expectations helps you run your real estate business and could help reduce stress and drama around the office. However, setting expectations starts with your real estate branding efforts. Make sure your branding aligns with how you represent your business and how you want to run it. If you’re conveying a high level of professionalism, stunning homes, and communication that suggests you’re knowledgeable about the market and well-connected, your clients will expect the same in-person.


Give Home Buyers an Inside Look at Your Business

Realtors are more than their listings and have spent years honing their skills and building a business. Show clients that you’re an efficient, successful, worthwhile business by giving them sneak peeks. Use high-quality photos to take shots of your team, office, and happy clients. Turn it into social media posts or a marketing kit to stir feelings of confidence in homebuyers.


Real Estate Branding in Boulder Next Steps

Real estate branding is a process that requires the right visuals, high-quality assets, and persistence. Creating a winning real estate brand takes time to nurture and connect with homebuyers. Learn more about Denver Creative Group’s real estate photography services to help you elevate your brand, break through the online noise and connect with ideal buyers faster and more effectively than the competition. Contact us today.