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You've started a rental property business and now have it listed on Airbnb or VRBO, but bookings are not rolling in. That means it's time to rethink how you are advertising your vacation rental and get professional photos done for your rental property. 


When you launched your Airbnb and VRBO business, you were ready to open your doors to travelers and show off your short-term rental or vacation property. But unless you live in a highly trafficked tourist area with low inventory and high demand, you likely discovered your bookings were inconsistent at best. What happened? It’s probably not the quality vacation rental you’re offering, it’s how you’re presenting it online. 

That’s where the Denver Creative Group comes in. Our team members are more than skilled photographers; we're a full-service visual marketing agency for your vacation or rental property business. While you grow your business and focus on your passions and zone of genius, we’re here to handle your visual assets and make your listings stand-out from the competition. We’ll help get people hooked on your listings and book your rental while you focus on providing the best experience possible for your guests.


Your Airbnb or VRBO is more than a side-hustle, it’s a legitimate business that needs some finessing to thrive. Brand awareness is one thing, but the connection with your potential guests is the real focus. When people browse through your high-quality and visually stunning short-term rental listings, they imagine themselves walking onto your property and soaking up their new home away from home. The visceral reaction is powerful and leaves a lasting impression where they can't wait to see more.

Let's be honest. Average, subpar vacation rental photography just doesn't achieve that kind of emotive spark. In an Instagram-inspired world, travelers and short-term renters love to savor the experience and feel transformed. So why not deliver what they want, starting with your photos?

Vacation Rental Property Photography
Front Of A Vacation Rental Property


We know firsthand how saturated the Airbnb and VRBO marketplace can be and want to position you to attract and book more guests than ever before. Our visual marketing company uses the highest quality commercial photo, video, and VR technologies available to serve your vacation rental business. Here’s what it means for you: Guests see your property and feel like they’re right there. You're the hero in the story of connecting eager travelers to their ideal vacation home.

Do you want more from your professional photography services for your vacation property or short term rental? You can also enhance your listings with professional video services and Matterport 3D virtual tour services.

Preparing for Your Pro Photography Shoot

When our team arrives at your vacation property rental, we provide a done-for-you photo experience. Depending on what service you booked, we assess your space, set up our equipment, and use drones and elevated photography equipment upon request. Our work is fast and efficient without cutting corners. We also know that your short-term rental needs to be picture-perfect for guests. We won't disturb your vacation rental property or move anything and leave it the way we found it.

However, the property needs to be ready to shoot and look its best. So before we arrive, we ask that you prep your property so it looks exactly as you imagined. Clear the clutter, freshen up the landscaping, store any miscellaneous furniture and toys, and clean surfaces. The more you can tuck away loose items like bikes and outdoor tools, the better the results of your photos. Don't forget the neighborhood shots for savvy travelers! Make sure to pick the most visually appealing areas as possible, from shopping to trendy amenities and pubs to show off the area to visitors.

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They’ll look fantastic! Our visual marketing company uses HDR (High-Dynamic Range) to capture the most light and color ranges possible for stunning, natural-looking photographs. A blue replacement sky is provided free of charge on every shoot you book. We also offer additional editing, including adding or removing elements, and virtual staging for a small fee. Please contact us via email at for editing requests.
An Airbnb or VRBO property looks its best when it’s clean and decluttered. No one resonates with photos of a messy space and scattered personal belongings. Try to keep your vacation property or short-term rental looking simple and airy. Too many decorations, frames, books, keepsakes and other personal items distract the viewer instead of showing off the space. If possible, remove personal photos and anything that you don’t want to see floating around on the internet for the next decade

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