Real Estate Video

Video is the most consumed type of content on the internet, which is where your prospective buyers and sellers are spending a majority of their time.

By creating high-quality, value-driven video content you can reach your potential clients quicker, and more effectively than  your competition. 

Real Estate Video

Real estate videos are becoming more important by the day. They offer a great opportunity for potential buyers to see the property in detail. For agents it is a great tool to increase their visibility online and their ranking in search engines.

2 minute (max.) walk-through consumer video.

Can only be used on Zillow

2-3 minute walk-through style video. This video is designed to give an overview of the spaces in and around the property. Professionally edited.

Add $50 for property over 2500 sqft

2-4 minute cinematic style video. Professionally edited on music, more complex camera motions. Designed to create an emotional connection with the property. 

Add $100 for every 1000sqft above 2500sqft

2-3 minute aerial drone video for real estate, professionally edited. The use of drone photos and video have dramatically increased the ways in how we can present a property. Here in the Colorado front range we have so many opportunities to showcase real estate and add value to any potential buyer. 

Real estate agent video

Online video has quickly become an indispensable marketing tool for businesses of all kinds. However, many real estate agents (and brokers) are leaving money on the table by not using video in their marketing. This presents an amazing opportunity for you to step in an increase your market share.

The short version of an agent video showcasing you as an agent/broker, explaining who you are what you stand for and how you can help your clients. Can be used on social media, LinkedIn, the email signature, etc.

Feature your own video blog. Monthly episode where you explain market stats, trends, neighborhoods, etc.

A 2-3 minute video that focuses on highlighting the agent within their environment. Allows view to get insight to their personality. This is the most important video you could make as it is designed to build trust, convey your message accurately time after time, 24/7. 

Agent testimonial video. Interview multiple clients on location, in a setting designed to reflect your core markets and business model. This is the 2nd most important video you should have after the agent video. 

Encapsulate and convey the agent’s personality and area of specialty. This is an extended version of the agent video, adding a hyperlocal character, showing you as THE specialist of the area(s).


All videos include:

  • Professional onsite filming,
  • Cutting edge equipment,
  • HD quality,
  • High quality music,
  • Professional editing,
  • Color correction,
  • Agent branding
  • & Contact information,
  • 48 hr. Turnaround.

N.B. We cannot provide video services in the rain. We do not move furniture or do any staging. Nothing can be ‘Photoshopped’ out of a video


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