Video is the most consumed type of content on the internet, which is where your prospective buyers and sellers are spending a majority of their time. By creating high-quality, value-driven video content you can reach your potential clients quicker, and more effectively than your competition.

Book more showings and sell more listings with professional videos of your real estate listings.


Real estate videos are becoming more important by the day. They offer a great opportunity for potential buyers to see the property in detail. For agents it is a great tool to increase their visibility online and their ranking in search engines.

2 minute (max.) walk-through consumer video.

Can only be used on Zillow


Online video has quickly become an indispensable marketing tool for businesses of all kinds. However, many real estate agents (and brokers) are leaving money on the table by not using video in their marketing. This presents an amazing opportunity for you to step in an increase your market share.
The short version of an agent video showcasing you as an agent/broker, explaining who you are what you stand for and how you can help your clients. Can be used on social media, LinkedIn, the email signature, etc.

Instagram/Facebook/Tik Tok Videos

Marketing for Realtors like all businesses is constantly changing, and the best way to market yourself in 2022 is through video. Our team of videographers will produce the perfect video to promote your listing or business Social Media.

Vertical Teaser Video

Get a creative edge over your competition with a vertical teaser video. Our service includes a 30 to 45-second vertical teaser video of your listing and 5 vertical & square pictures.

  • Vertical videos have 13.8x more visibility on Facebook
  • Vertical videos show 3 times taller in your news feed than horizontal videos
  • Less than 30% of users will turn their smartphones sideways to watch a video


  • Aerial video scenes for Walk-through/Cinematic videos
  • Aerial pictures (add-on in conjunction to aerial video)
  • Neighborhood highlight scenes
  • 15-30sec social teaser (based on existing listing video)
  • Split into 2 sessions (day/night)
  • Agent hosted scenes
  • Script Writing
  • Voice-over of your script, by agent or professional
  • Teleprompter
  • Additional overlay graphics explaining features
  • Custom Intro/Outros

All videos include:

  • Professional onsite filming,
  • Cutting edge equipment,
  • HD quality,
  • High quality music,
  • Professional editing,
  • Color correction,
  • Agent branding
  • & Contact information,
  • 48 hr. Turnaround.
We cannot provide video services in the rain. We do not move furniture or do any staging. Nothing can be ‘Photoshopped’ out of a video


  • I love working with the DCG. The make my life so much easier by being talented and professional marketing partners and so easy to work with!

    Natalie Hengel

    Real Estate Agent
  • DCG is second to none! Their work is top notch and their team if full of awesome people. Always on the cutting edge of anything new to the market, I always feel ahead of the curve when using DCG services. I won't use anyone else to market my listings and my business.

    Luke Corbitt

    Real Estate Agent
  • The Denver Creative Group do an excellent job with my property listings. They are always on time, respectful, put my sellers at ease and the photos speak for themselves! Stunning. My home sellers are always thrilled with the results.

    Peter Musser

    Real Estate Agent
  • I use DCG exclusively to photograph my listings! Geoff, Daan & Sarah are incredibly professional, not to mentioned fun & friendly, and always try their best to accommodate me & my sellers schedules. Their photos & videos always show my listings perfectly which ultimately means more views and more money for my clients. They are masters of their craft and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a photographer to make their listings shine!

    Lyndi Martoia

    Broker Associate



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Why Work With Denver Creative Group?


Real estate listing videos are delivered within two business days after the shoot. Commercial real estate videos will be delivered 7-10 business days after the shoot date and the day we receive all the listing information from the client. Agent videos will be delivered 3-4 weeks after the shoot.

Blue Sky Guarantee

With the Blue Sky guarantee, we offer a sky replacement for all exterior photos. For twilight shots, we will replace the sky with an amazing sunset.


Our reviews speak for themselves. Clients love our work! However, if an error was made by our photographer or if a main space was not captured, we will reshoot the listing at no additional expense to the client. If a reshoot is requested for angles that were not specified before the shoot, the reshoot for those specific angles will be at the expense of the client. Specific angles must be requested ahead of time to be included in the shoot.

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Vertical Teaser Video Cost
30 - 45 Seconds $175