The Importance of Marketing in Real Estate in 2022!

Marketing in real estate

You know you need real estate marketing — full stop.

In the digital age, and especially in the
post-coronavirus age, you’ll need to attract clients digitally. Almost everybody starts their
search online, in front of Google, Facebook, a recommendation from someone on Twitter, or a
post liked on Instagram. These days, agents need to be everywhere for their clients – including
digitally! How set up are you for a potential client to find you?

As any agent knows, in real estate you need a dedicated partner to help your business shine.
Marketing communicates your message and brand your audience – make
them aware of the quality of services you offer

Listings in 2022 are more different than they’ve ever been before. There’s traditional real estate
photography, HDR+ photos (flash), virtual tours, Matterport tours, 3D floor plans, area mapping, drone
photography and even aerial video. Real estate marketing determines the speed of your sale
and it drives the maximum price – isn’t that why your seller hired a real estate agent?

For agents, there is obviously massive competition for listings in the Denver market. According
to one local agent, “I walked out of a listing appointment and I noticed two other agents in their
cars on the street, waiting for their appointment with the seller.” What the seller wants to
know is if you are going to make their house stand out more than the next agent. Your
marketing needs to stand out, and your marketing plan needs to incorporate more than just
simply getting pictures and posting the property.


Marketing encompasses everything, including your personal brand and the way you advertise
yourself. Real estate marketing relays a message to your audience – to make them aware of a
service or a product you offer. In the case of an agent, it’s usually a home. Your job is to sell
their house. Obviously you’re going to need pictures – but can you offer something better than
the other agents?

The key is to let your customers know you’re better than the competition, and this can only be
done through great real estate marketing.
What makes marketing in real estate great, you might ask?

• Ensuring the home is prepped and ready for buyers
• Staging and interior design
• Professional photos – those help with light and exposure.
• Don’t forget those great aerial drone shots!
• Most importantly – your trusted photographer that delivers fast and with consistent results.

The marketing in real estate you do will provide your sellers – and you – peace of mind, a speedy sale, and
the highest price possible. The reason you make your money back in real estate marketing is
that it creates competition. Everything you do establishes your brand. Your listings and your
brand should reflect who you are and how you work as a real estate agent.

At The Denver Creative Group, we help real estate professionals shine. We offer a variety of
services to help you and your marketing efforts – including brand videos, floorplans, Matterport 3D
virtual tours, aerial drone photography, real estate video and much more. Our team has decades of
experience to provide you confidence in our produce. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.

Don’t market like it’s 2006 – you are better than your competition! In this day and age, what
you need can only be achieved through quality marketing. If you want to win listings and attract
buyers, you need to invest in yourself and your business first.
At The Denver Creative Group, we care about you and your business. We
want to see you thrive and to help you and your clients achieve their dreams.

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