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What to Know About Real Estate Drones to Supercharge Your Listings

Real estate drones may be relatively new, but the concept of aerial photography dates back to 1858. French photographer and balloonist Gaspard-Félix Tournachon took photos over Paris with the help of a kite and an explosive charge on a timer. As modern drones came onto the market over a hundred years later, they were primarily a hobby pursuit that didn’t have much of an impact on businesses. It didn’t take long for realtors to take notice that real estate drones could uplevel their business and give their listings new life. 

 Today’s drone cameras capture high-resolution imaging and offer some of the highest quality photos you’ve probably ever seen. Their color, dynamic range, and accuracy are impressive and feel like they were designed for industries like real estate, where buyers rarely get an all-encompassing sense of the property otherwise. Try real estate drones in Longmont and the greater metro area with a look at how they work and why they’re an essential tool for your business. 


You’ll Give Home Buyers an Intimate Understanding of the Property

Real estate drones offer a strong reference point for buyers trying to envision how their life would unfold in this new location. Unlike traditional cameras, drones can capture low-elevated shots with unique, hard-to-see property angles. When buyers see the entire property from above, they’re more likely to get an immediate sense of what it’s like to live there. They get a feel of how large the property is, imagine their kids playing in the backyard, and see how the home fits into the surrounding landscape or city. 


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You Need Images That Aren’t Just About the Property 

Despite the power of seeing a property from a birds-eye-view, real estate photography in Longmont should extend beyond the property lines. Give would-be buyers a sense of the neighborhood, area parks, gathering points, and the proximity to major roads for their daily commute. 


Aerial Photos are Sometimes a Better Fit

With so much importance given to real estate drones, realtors should also understand that they’re not always necessary or worth the investment. If the property is located next to an empty field or home that doesn’t maximize your listing, you may want to stick to elevated aerial photos instead. You can still add overhead photos to your listing that elevate your listing, but without the comprehensive birds-eye view that captures everything surrounding the property. 


Aerial Images Aren’t Always Drone Photos

Some people use the terms “aerial photos” and “drone images” interchangeably, but they could be two different things when it comes to your real estate business. Aerial photos can indicate either drone or elevated photographs. However, elevated photos are achieved with a special fiberglass pole extended up to 20-ft tall that can significantly impact how the property is portrayed. Elevated photos are also a good choice if you’re a new realtor on a budget and drone real estate photos are currently out of reach.


Drone Images Could Make or Break Your Real Estate Listings

Today’s realtors need high-quality, dynamic photos that stand out from the competition in a saturated marketplace. Drone photos can help push interest in your favor and secure more listings than you would otherwise. Even in a seller’s market, you want to trigger an avalanche of offers to keep your clients happy and build a winning reputation of your business while raising your commission potential. 


Aerial Photography Helps Stir the Buyer’s Emotions

Realtors know that house hunting is often led by overwhelming emotional response to take action when they find their perfect property. Although part of the job as a realtor is navigating those emotions and helping buyers make the best choice possible, it also requires presenting a home in the best light possible for sellers. Real estate drones offer highly accurate images, but they also feel fantastical, like discovering a gem that was somehow designed with the house hunter in mind. Although high-quality indoor photos are also essential, drone photos offer a captivating experience that gets buyers’ imaginations working overtime.


Sellers Want to Work with Realtors Who Use Drone Photos

Realtors aren’t always the ones leading the trend with real estate drones. According to a Study of Drones in Real Estate, 83% of home sellers prefer an agent who uses drones. Sellers also want to compete in both a buyer’s and seller’s market to secure the best price possible for their homes. Get ahead of your competition by giving your clients the drone photography and sophisticated marketing options they’re looking for.


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You Need FAA Certification to Use a Drone for Your Real Estate Business 

Some people believe they can purchase or borrow a drone and immediately get to work creating incredible imagery from above. In reality, all drones must be registered with the FAA, and any drones used for real estate business purposes also need special registrations and certification. To stay compliant, you should work with a professional real estate drone photographer who understands current restrictions while getting the best shots possible for your listings. 

Denver Creative Group holds all necessary training and mandatory FAA certification for aerial photography. More importantly, we exclusively work with realtors in Colorado to elevate your listings and empower your business for success.


Drone Photography of a Home Isn’t Everything

Despite the powerful impact real estate drones in Longmont can make, they don’t substitute the need for high-quality photos for the rest of your property. You still want to capture the best possible images of a home, including virtual staging options. Instead of spending time and resources having a listing meticulously staged, virtual staging makes an impact and shows home buyers what’s possible.


Real Estate Drone Photography Next Steps

Empowering your listings with drone photography is a must-have to create the most compelling images possible. Instead of trying to do it on your own and securing the proper credentials, turn to the pros who have spent years honing their craft to enhance your properties and increase your likelihood for multiple, over-asking-price offers. Contact the team at Denver Creative Group today to discuss your goals for your listings and the long-term success of your business.

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